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What is the Best Motion Sensor?

There are many motion sensors including infrared, wired, wireless, and many more. So, let us learn the differences between all these different motion sensors and find out which ones are the best for different environments.

Different kinds of motion sensors

Below are all the different kinds of available motion sensors on the market. These descriptions must help you to find out which one is the most excellent motion sensor for you.

Wireless– The wireless motion sensors can be more difficult and tricky to some as there are batteries which need to be changed. When batteries need to be changed a beep sound is made by the keypad, which even annoys some individuals.

Wired– The wired motion sensors have wires that should pass through walls and that can be worrying to install initially. Once they are installed, there should not be any problem.

Infared– Infared motion detectors help detect any person’s body heat when it changes all through the room. They aren’t made for taking photos at night.

Ultrasonic– Ultrasonic motion sensors send sound waves out that any human can’t hear and measure the reflection off any moving objects. In case there is any movement, the frequency of wave reflected back can change.

Tomographic– The tomographic motion sensors sense changes to the radio waves since they pass through the network. They can notice these changes through the walls or other similar obstructions.

What are the dual-technology motion sensors?

Dual-technology means usage of a mixture of two diverse technologies to detect motion. Dual-tech devices possess a definite benefit over the single-technology motion sensors as a fake alarm from one single technology won’t cause other technology to start. A popular dual-technology motion sensor uses both microwave and infrared technologies.  Infrared side of device will detect the heat being displaced within the room whereas microwave side will be looking for microwave being reflected from solid object back.  Both technologies should sense movement at same time so as to activate the alarm. Dual-technology microwave/infared sensors are more costly than ordinary infrared motion sensors, which are the single technology devices.

Focus on quality not price

All of us want to spend least amount of our money for something which works really great. When it comes to motion detectors, you don’t wish to get cheapest motion sensor because most of the times they are quite prone to be false alarm. These kinds of motion sensors are only efficient in very steady environments like offices or storage rooms without windows. Cheap motion detectors frequently have added fees and fake police dispatches. With that in mind, you must purchase motion detectors depending on their quality and not price.

Placing camera in motion sensors

Cameras can easily be placed in any detector, no matter the technology utilized within the detector to detect movement and motion. Remember that placing a camera in an infared motion sensor doesn’t make the camera click better pictures at the night. The same also goes for microwave motion detectors.

Can you have motion detectors if you have pets?

Yes, you can. There are motion sensors available that serve to pets and they work such that there are no fake alarms triggered by a wandering dog or cat at night.

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