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Top Questions You Should Ask Your Alarm Company

Scan local Yellow Pages directory and you will find lots of home alarm agencies advertising their security service. Where to start? A recommendation from trusted family member or friend is a good start always, but even in case of a bright review, you should ask basic questions from any company.

1. Are you a member of recognized security association?

Any trustworthy and reputable home alarm agency will be affiliated to a national or local industry association, like the National Burglars and Fire Alarms Association. For security sake, call such organization to verify company’s affiliation.

2. Since how long has been your alarm company in operation?

In home alarm business, time = experience. In case you are installing a simple system, any new company may be acceptable, but complex systems are best when left to any company with many years of experience of working with complicated security systems.

3. Are you fully licensed as an alarm company?

It is necessary that any alarm company is fully licensed for doing business by local and state governments. Do not believe everything that you’re told – contact to check out.

4. What are security measures that you take to guarantee client safety?

Asking open-ended question such as this can inform you a lot regarding a home security agency. They should throw off decent list of the security measures, including:

  • Certified electricians to install your system
  • Background check and security clearance for all employees
  • Fully bonded employees
  • Written guarantee on home alarm systems
  • Liability and Error and Omissions Insurance

Always ask about superior home alarm features, such mobile phone access for the systems.

5. What is your company’s average time of response to alarm?

A good alarm company will respond quickly to all the alarm reports in 60 seconds or so.

6. Does your company’s security equipments have a warranty?

Keep in mind that all electrical things have a finite lifetime, and when they engage your family’s security it’s imperative to have warranty. Ask a possible home alarm agency whether only the equipment has warranty, and whether repair/ installation is also covered. In addition, a solid alarm company will schedule a repairing visit always within 24 hours from receiving your complaints.

7. Can you provide proof of alarm system to homeowner’s insurance?

The home security company must be able to offer official proof of the system, in order that you can avail a discount on insurance.

8. How frequently do you test your systems?

the house alarm should get regular tests to make sure that it’s working properly. At least, these tests must be conducted once every month.

9. Does your company offer systems having advanced safety features?

Intruders are sadly savvy to lots of basic security features; as a result, a superior system is the most excellent way to keep you and your family safe and secure. Ask a competitor security company what type of advanced features do their systems have. A few features to look out for include:

  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Email/Phone/Text Notification
  • Video Services

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