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The Best Burglar Deterrents

It is estimated that one home robbery occurs in every 20 seconds in the US. This means that during 10 minutes you take to read the post, around 40 homes will be burglarized.

That is an astonishing statistic. You have to fortify your house safety to make your house unappealing to prospective thieves. Think about home security like onion: there needs to be lots of layers, and peeling every back should be hard enough to make any robber cry. And flee to find out more vulnerable prey.

Burglar Deterrents That Really Work:

Visible Door & Window Locks
Burglars get in your home through doors or windows, so offering a first-line prevention like visible locks is one step towards security. Don’t be prudent with your locks. A local locksmith can suggest the strongest and the finest locks for your house.


Lock Your Doors
It is so very simple, but lots of people just fail to lock doors. Lock up each time you move out, clearly, but also keep doors locked while you’re at home – and particularly at night. And if you prefer to leave screened windows and doors open on any nice day, no issue; there are excellent locks for strong screens, as well. And speaking about locks, all the doors must have deadbolts and sliding/ patio doors require special anti-entry device to prevent removals from their frames.


Get Home Security Check
The local police department probably offers underutilized but priceless public services: home security check. Call your local officer and ask them to come to you. They will walk the in and out of your house, and recommend areas for improvement.


Install Alarms
Home alarm systems are one of the best ways to daunt robbers from targeting your house. Many different systems are available, from basic alarm sirens to fortress. Take maximum protection you may afford. Ensure that your alarm company offers a quick response time, and mull over whether you want police notified automatically of alarm event or not.


Install Security Camera     
The top defense is good offense. Place burglars on defense by recording all their moves. You’ll need both outdoor and indoor security camera with night visions and elegant hard drive to even record some day’s worth of videos. If you cannot afford the actual thing, fake cameras also can work as good deterrents; just ensure that they’re good quality fake and not the cheap plastic that burglars will identify as dummies easily.


Motion Activated Light
Illuminate shadowed element of your house and access points together with motion-activated floodlight. That’s right, floodlight. If light flips on, then you wish for an extensive viewing area.

Strong Doors
Almost 70 percent burglars enter your house through a door. Simply install thick and solid wood doors which will be difficult to kick inside. If your doors possess a window, install secondary floor lock, in order that after breaking door window, a robber cannot reach to open your door and tap into your house. Install hidden bracing within the doorframe.

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