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Benefits of Motion Detectors and Sensors

Home security is similar to an onion – layered technology makes it difficult to reach to the center. Motion detectors, also known as sensors, are an essential and excellent level to your own home security equations.

Types of Motion Detectors/Sensors For Security

Before diving into the advantages of motion detectors/sensors, let’s go over the most basic kinds:

Active Infrared Detectors

Active infrared sensors emit constant electrical signal which uses infrared light beams that link to light detector. If infrared beams are ever interrupted, your sensor sounds your alarm.


Passive Infrared Sensors

Passive infrared sensors passively wait for infrared event. When heat source, such as human body, passes, the sensor detects moving presence and thus sounds the alarm. They are among the most common detectors in home security these days.


Active Ultrasonic Detectors

Active ultrasonic detectors use very high-frequency sound wave which works like a boomerang: Those waves are sent and then they return to the detector, reporting any doubtful interruptions in sound waves.

Passive Ultrasonic Sensors

Instead of sending out the sound waves actively, these detectors wait out passively for sound event, such as shattering windows. Sound waves that are emitted by such occurrences are what triggers passive ultrasonic detectors.

Benefits of Motion Detectors For Home Security

Motion detectors are an important weapon in home security arsenal. A home alarm system is lot harder to break than you actually think – and most of the prowlers are less adept than average blockbuster burglars – but still, the layered security promises additional peace of mind as far as your family’s security is considered.

The sole aim of motion sensors – and their biggest advantage – is providing more security against robbers. If your home alarm system is breached somehow without alerting you about an open window or door, your motion sensors will sense your burglar and sound alarm. It gives you the time to reach security while your own alarm company calls police for assistance.

And for oft-touted cons, well, they are mostly the bad memories of detectors past. The motion-sensing technology of present day is very superior, so you don’t need to worry about fake alarms from small and medium pets any more. They also are easily disabled, thus you can go for glass of hot milk in the mid of the night.

Note on The Motion Sensing Lights

Placing lights on motion detectors is a very effective and simple – not to state inexpensive – method to secure your properties. You can put garden lights, flood light, your front entrance lights, and other outside lighting on the motion sensors. Lots of outdoor/indoor motion sensor lights easily can be installed by you (Do-It-Yourself).

Motion-sensing lights offer numerous benefits:

  • Reduce Crime: The statistics show that all well-lit communities face lower crime rate than neighborhoods with bad lighting.
  • No Places to Hide: When exterior of your house is well lit, then would-be robbers will have no places to hide or lurk.
  • Warning Signs: If flood lights go on suddenly, it’ll offer you the probability to examine or call police.

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