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6 Best Places to Place Smart Home Sensor

If you have ever wondered what actually goes on inside your house when you are not there, then setting up the smart home sensors can keep you well informed about each and everything going in your home.

Smart home sensors detect motions, offering you with complete information to assist you know what is going on inside your home. Below are six places you can set up your sensors to offer you valuable information regarding what’s all taking place when you are away from your home.

  1. Couches and Beds

You have made it quite clear to pooch that jumping up on your beds isn’t allowed — and if you are at home, then he abides by all your rules. But mistrustful fur on your bed makes you think that he might lounge on your own goose down pillows once you leave away for work. So, a well-placed smart sensor on the bed side can be programmed so as to send out a notification when a motion is detected enabling you to know whether Fido is following your orders when you are not there so as to enforce them. And if not, it may be the right time to hire dog sitter.

  1. Garage and Basement Doors

To your kids, garages and basements are exciting places that are full of car parts, tools, and boxes of strange things — all that can be dangerous without any adult supervision. A smart sensor near your garage or basement door can be easily programmed to inform you if the door is closed or opened, so you can easily stop them there in their track.

  1. Teenager window

Your teenager makes it home at sharp 10 p.m. veto, but you think that he/she may be sneaking back outside later to keep his/her party going on. Put a sensor on the teen’s window in order to figure out for sure. In case the window is open late at night, then you will get an alert message on your mobile devices.

  1. Kitchen or Pantry Cabinet

If you think that you’ve a mouse inside your house, put a sensor in your pantry or cabinets to detect the motions of any scurrying pest. Mice can cause different kinds of issues, from property damages to diseases; so if you notice rodents, immediately call an exterminator.

  1. Video games console

Your kid promises that he/she is working on homework diligently, but you’ve a feeling that actually what is happening is a full hour lengthy video game binge. Place a sensor strategically right by game system. You will be notified when any motion is detected therefore you can catch the kid’s homework trick.

  1. Secret hiding spaces

We all have some place in our house where we love to stash things which are off limit to others. It can be corner of bedroom closet, a jewelry box or a liquor cabinet. If you are nervous about nosy family member looking into your own hiding spot, then place a sensor at that place. You will know if the space has been ever found and can move your items to some other place with locksmith.

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