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3 Tips To Avoid Getting Tricked By A Locksmith

There are many annoying situations in which no one wants to get stuck, but how much you try you will always find yourself in one during some part of your life. One of these annoying situation is getting locked out of your home and not knowing where you have kept your keys.In such situations, people usually call for locksmiths and in a hurry, they call an unprofessional and find themselves in amuch messier situation. For avoiding getting tricked by an unlicensed locksmith Baltimore than it is better to keep in mind a few points and save all the trouble.

There are many scam companies which are created with just one purpose which is to trick and deceive clients and customers. It is better to stay away from these scam companies and stick with professional locksmith Baltimore companies. This way there is a much lesser chance of getting tricked and facing a scam company. By following simple tips you can easily be safe from these scam companies

Locksmith License

Most legitimate companies have a locksmith license which they issue to a new locksmith Baltimorebefore hiring. Such companies are reliable and often provide good and professional locksmiths. These companies usually provide good locksmith service providers who specialize in residential and commercial security. If the locksmith you hire has an official license or certificate then it will assure that your residence or office are in safe hands. Since all documents have been taken from the locksmith before hiring by the company that is why there is no chance that a locksmith from that company has any criminal background.

Do Your Research

Scam companies always lie in their advertisements and show that they charge extremely low fees. What these companies do is that when they send you a locksmith Baltimore then they charge more money after the work is done and give absolutely lame and useless excuses for the sudden rise in payments. These extra fees are a collection of emergency service fees, mileage fees or professional fees. If you hire a locksmith from a reputable company then there is less or no chance that you will ever face this scam. Another way to avoid such a scam is that you should ask all the necessary questions before hiring the locksmith and clear up all the misconceptions beforehand and avoid the extra charges.

Take Good Advice

Take the advice of your neighbor or friend who has faced a locksmith Baltimore before, this way you will know whether your locksmith is tricking you or is telling the truth. Most locksmith want the client to spend more money and in doing so some times they make a small problem in to a larger one. They tell you to change the whole lock even if it easier to fix or duplicate a key for it.

6 Best Places to Place Smart Home Sensor

If you have ever wondered what actually goes on inside your house when you are not there, then setting up the smart home sensors can keep you well informed about each and everything going in your home.

Smart home sensors detect motions, offering you with complete information to assist you know what is going on inside your home. Below are six places you can set up your sensors to offer you valuable information regarding what’s all taking place when you are away from your home.

  1. Couches and Beds

You have made it quite clear to pooch that jumping up on your beds isn’t allowed — and if you are at home, then he abides by all your rules. But mistrustful fur on your bed makes you think that he might lounge on your own goose down pillows once you leave away for work. So, a well-placed smart sensor on the bed side can be programmed so as to send out a notification when a motion is detected enabling you to know whether Fido is following your orders when you are not there so as to enforce them. And if not, it may be the right time to hire dog sitter.

  1. Garage and Basement Doors

To your kids, garages and basements are exciting places that are full of car parts, tools, and boxes of strange things — all that can be dangerous without any adult supervision. A smart sensor near your garage or basement door can be easily programmed to inform you if the door is closed or opened, so you can easily stop them there in their track.

  1. Teenager window

Your teenager makes it home at sharp 10 p.m. veto, but you think that he/she may be sneaking back outside later to keep his/her party going on. Put a sensor on the teen’s window in order to figure out for sure. In case the window is open late at night, then you will get an alert message on your mobile devices.

  1. Kitchen or Pantry Cabinet

If you think that you’ve a mouse inside your house, put a sensor in your pantry or cabinets to detect the motions of any scurrying pest. Mice can cause different kinds of issues, from property damages to diseases; so if you notice rodents, immediately call an exterminator.

  1. Video games console

Your kid promises that he/she is working on homework diligently, but you’ve a feeling that actually what is happening is a full hour lengthy video game binge. Place a sensor strategically right by game system. You will be notified when any motion is detected therefore you can catch the kid’s homework trick.

  1. Secret hiding spaces

We all have some place in our house where we love to stash things which are off limit to others. It can be corner of bedroom closet, a jewelry box or a liquor cabinet. If you are nervous about nosy family member looking into your own hiding spot, then place a sensor at that place. You will know if the space has been ever found and can move your items to some other place with locksmith.

What is the Best Motion Sensor?

There are many motion sensors including infrared, wired, wireless, and many more. So, let us learn the differences between all these different motion sensors and find out which ones are the best for different environments.

Different kinds of motion sensors

Below are all the different kinds of available motion sensors on the market. These descriptions must help you to find out which one is the most excellent motion sensor for you.

Wireless– The wireless motion sensors can be more difficult and tricky to some as there are batteries which need to be changed. When batteries need to be changed a beep sound is made by the keypad, which even annoys some individuals.

Wired– The wired motion sensors have wires that should pass through walls and that can be worrying to install initially. Once they are installed, there should not be any problem.

Infared– Infared motion detectors help detect any person’s body heat when it changes all through the room. They aren’t made for taking photos at night.

Ultrasonic– Ultrasonic motion sensors send sound waves out that any human can’t hear and measure the reflection off any moving objects. In case there is any movement, the frequency of wave reflected back can change.

Tomographic– The tomographic motion sensors sense changes to the radio waves since they pass through the network. They can notice these changes through the walls or other similar obstructions.

What are the dual-technology motion sensors?

Dual-technology means usage of a mixture of two diverse technologies to detect motion. Dual-tech devices possess a definite benefit over the single-technology motion sensors as a fake alarm from one single technology won’t cause other technology to start. A popular dual-technology motion sensor uses both microwave and infrared technologies.  Infrared side of device will detect the heat being displaced within the room whereas microwave side will be looking for microwave being reflected from solid object back.  Both technologies should sense movement at same time so as to activate the alarm. Dual-technology microwave/infared sensors are more costly than ordinary infrared motion sensors, which are the single technology devices.

Focus on quality not price

All of us want to spend least amount of our money for something which works really great. When it comes to motion detectors, you don’t wish to get cheapest motion sensor because most of the times they are quite prone to be false alarm. These kinds of motion sensors are only efficient in very steady environments like offices or storage rooms without windows. Cheap motion detectors frequently have added fees and fake police dispatches. With that in mind, you must purchase motion detectors depending on their quality and not price.

Placing camera in motion sensors

Cameras can easily be placed in any detector, no matter the technology utilized within the detector to detect movement and motion. Remember that placing a camera in an infared motion sensor doesn’t make the camera click better pictures at the night. The same also goes for microwave motion detectors.

Can you have motion detectors if you have pets?

Yes, you can. There are motion sensors available that serve to pets and they work such that there are no fake alarms triggered by a wandering dog or cat at night.

How To Choose Good Padlocks?

A padlock can offer protection for all things in the home. Perhaps you wish to lock up shed or ensure that children cannot get in the tool box. So, padlocks are available in a range of configurations and sizes, including key-locks and combination locks model.

What Padlock Should You Buy?

Answer to this will come from what your padlock will be protecting. You should buy a padlock that offers different degree of protection. Therefore, consider what you’re protecting and whether your padlock will be outside or inside to take a decision.

  • Combination locks. This is one among the more common kinds of padlocks and is one which is not too hard to pick, as per many security experts. You also may want to select a feature which allows you to reset or set the combination.
  • Key locks. This is a kind of padlock which comes in varieties and can provide better protection. With most of the key locks, body of the locks contains either locking bolt or number of pins. So, it is only with the right key, the bolt can be moved or every pin can be pushed in the position required to open the locks. Other options with the key locks include ability to get numerous locks which can be unlocked with same master key. It could be suitable in work setting or even for the adults to get access to jewelry or other valuables box, for instance.

What Makes Padlocks More Secure?

After you decide the level of safety you want, that must help you decide on just how secure a lock should be. Key and combination locks will be enough in many situations. But, if there are significant concerns about having the locks picked by expert or having somebody try to cut padlock off at bolt, there are features and materials that must be considered. They add to the costs of the padlock; however, make it safer as well.

  • Hardened steel lock. These come with shackles which are very hard for somebody to be capable to cut through. Keep in mind that the finest deterrent to a robber is a lock which times time to crush. A steel shackle which cannot be cut off immediately likely will convince any burglar to head somewhere else.
  • More pin tumbler. For key locks, robbers are capable to pick locks quite easily. To make it a more difficult procedure, get a padlock having 5 or more tumblers. Keep in mind tumblers are what key pushes upward or downward to get in the right position in order to open the locks. The more tumblers, more work a burglar has to do to pick the locks.

Padlocks are intended for locking cabinets, gates, doors, lockers, or chests. These are very flexible and come in wide variety of sizes. They work by means of curved shackle which fits well in the lock case. These locks are locked as well as opened by a key or a combination. They are an inexpensive means to secure your precious items at work, school, home, on your boats, in the gym; you can use the padlocks anywhere.

Top Questions You Should Ask Your Alarm Company

Scan local Yellow Pages directory and you will find lots of home alarm agencies advertising their security service. Where to start? A recommendation from trusted family member or friend is a good start always, but even in case of a bright review, you should ask basic questions from any company.

1. Are you a member of recognized security association?

Any trustworthy and reputable home alarm agency will be affiliated to a national or local industry association, like the National Burglars and Fire Alarms Association. For security sake, call such organization to verify company’s affiliation.

2. Since how long has been your alarm company in operation?

In home alarm business, time = experience. In case you are installing a simple system, any new company may be acceptable, but complex systems are best when left to any company with many years of experience of working with complicated security systems.

3. Are you fully licensed as an alarm company?

It is necessary that any alarm company is fully licensed for doing business by local and state governments. Do not believe everything that you’re told – contact to check out.

4. What are security measures that you take to guarantee client safety?

Asking open-ended question such as this can inform you a lot regarding a home security agency. They should throw off decent list of the security measures, including:

  • Certified electricians to install your system
  • Background check and security clearance for all employees
  • Fully bonded employees
  • Written guarantee on home alarm systems
  • Liability and Error and Omissions Insurance

Always ask about superior home alarm features, such mobile phone access for the systems.

5. What is your company’s average time of response to alarm?

A good alarm company will respond quickly to all the alarm reports in 60 seconds or so.

6. Does your company’s security equipments have a warranty?

Keep in mind that all electrical things have a finite lifetime, and when they engage your family’s security it’s imperative to have warranty. Ask a possible home alarm agency whether only the equipment has warranty, and whether repair/ installation is also covered. In addition, a solid alarm company will schedule a repairing visit always within 24 hours from receiving your complaints.

7. Can you provide proof of alarm system to homeowner’s insurance?

The home security company must be able to offer official proof of the system, in order that you can avail a discount on insurance.

8. How frequently do you test your systems?

the house alarm should get regular tests to make sure that it’s working properly. At least, these tests must be conducted once every month.

9. Does your company offer systems having advanced safety features?

Intruders are sadly savvy to lots of basic security features; as a result, a superior system is the most excellent way to keep you and your family safe and secure. Ask a competitor security company what type of advanced features do their systems have. A few features to look out for include:

  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Email/Phone/Text Notification
  • Video Services

Benefits of Motion Detectors and Sensors

Home security is similar to an onion – layered technology makes it difficult to reach to the center. Motion detectors, also known as sensors, are an essential and excellent level to your own home security equations.

Types of Motion Detectors/Sensors For Security

Before diving into the advantages of motion detectors/sensors, let’s go over the most basic kinds:

Active Infrared Detectors

Active infrared sensors emit constant electrical signal which uses infrared light beams that link to light detector. If infrared beams are ever interrupted, your sensor sounds your alarm.


Passive Infrared Sensors

Passive infrared sensors passively wait for infrared event. When heat source, such as human body, passes, the sensor detects moving presence and thus sounds the alarm. They are among the most common detectors in home security these days.


Active Ultrasonic Detectors

Active ultrasonic detectors use very high-frequency sound wave which works like a boomerang: Those waves are sent and then they return to the detector, reporting any doubtful interruptions in sound waves.

Passive Ultrasonic Sensors

Instead of sending out the sound waves actively, these detectors wait out passively for sound event, such as shattering windows. Sound waves that are emitted by such occurrences are what triggers passive ultrasonic detectors.

Benefits of Motion Detectors For Home Security

Motion detectors are an important weapon in home security arsenal. A home alarm system is lot harder to break than you actually think – and most of the prowlers are less adept than average blockbuster burglars – but still, the layered security promises additional peace of mind as far as your family’s security is considered.

The sole aim of motion sensors – and their biggest advantage – is providing more security against robbers. If your home alarm system is breached somehow without alerting you about an open window or door, your motion sensors will sense your burglar and sound alarm. It gives you the time to reach security while your own alarm company calls police for assistance.

And for oft-touted cons, well, they are mostly the bad memories of detectors past. The motion-sensing technology of present day is very superior, so you don’t need to worry about fake alarms from small and medium pets any more. They also are easily disabled, thus you can go for glass of hot milk in the mid of the night.

Note on The Motion Sensing Lights

Placing lights on motion detectors is a very effective and simple – not to state inexpensive – method to secure your properties. You can put garden lights, flood light, your front entrance lights, and other outside lighting on the motion sensors. Lots of outdoor/indoor motion sensor lights easily can be installed by you (Do-It-Yourself).

Motion-sensing lights offer numerous benefits:

  • Reduce Crime: The statistics show that all well-lit communities face lower crime rate than neighborhoods with bad lighting.
  • No Places to Hide: When exterior of your house is well lit, then would-be robbers will have no places to hide or lurk.
  • Warning Signs: If flood lights go on suddenly, it’ll offer you the probability to examine or call police.

The Best Burglar Deterrents

It is estimated that one home robbery occurs in every 20 seconds in the US. This means that during 10 minutes you take to read the post, around 40 homes will be burglarized.

That is an astonishing statistic. You have to fortify your house safety to make your house unappealing to prospective thieves. Think about home security like onion: there needs to be lots of layers, and peeling every back should be hard enough to make any robber cry. And flee to find out more vulnerable prey.

Burglar Deterrents That Really Work:

Visible Door & Window Locks
Burglars get in your home through doors or windows, so offering a first-line prevention like visible locks is one step towards security. Don’t be prudent with your locks. A local locksmith can suggest the strongest and the finest locks for your house.


Lock Your Doors
It is so very simple, but lots of people just fail to lock doors. Lock up each time you move out, clearly, but also keep doors locked while you’re at home – and particularly at night. And if you prefer to leave screened windows and doors open on any nice day, no issue; there are excellent locks for strong screens, as well. And speaking about locks, all the doors must have deadbolts and sliding/ patio doors require special anti-entry device to prevent removals from their frames.


Get Home Security Check
The local police department probably offers underutilized but priceless public services: home security check. Call your local officer and ask them to come to you. They will walk the in and out of your house, and recommend areas for improvement.


Install Alarms
Home alarm systems are one of the best ways to daunt robbers from targeting your house. Many different systems are available, from basic alarm sirens to fortress. Take maximum protection you may afford. Ensure that your alarm company offers a quick response time, and mull over whether you want police notified automatically of alarm event or not.


Install Security Camera     
The top defense is good offense. Place burglars on defense by recording all their moves. You’ll need both outdoor and indoor security camera with night visions and elegant hard drive to even record some day’s worth of videos. If you cannot afford the actual thing, fake cameras also can work as good deterrents; just ensure that they’re good quality fake and not the cheap plastic that burglars will identify as dummies easily.


Motion Activated Light
Illuminate shadowed element of your house and access points together with motion-activated floodlight. That’s right, floodlight. If light flips on, then you wish for an extensive viewing area.

Strong Doors
Almost 70 percent burglars enter your house through a door. Simply install thick and solid wood doors which will be difficult to kick inside. If your doors possess a window, install secondary floor lock, in order that after breaking door window, a robber cannot reach to open your door and tap into your house. Install hidden bracing within the doorframe.